Stephen Sayer & Chandrae Roettig (Los Angeles, California)


Stephen Sayer and Chandrae Roettig-Gomez are dancers/instructors who specialize in LA/smooth style lindy and collegiate shag. While they have a love for all things that swing, their primary influences and inspirations come from the Los Angeles Jitterbugs of the 1940’s and 1950’s.


Their partnership began in late 2010 and together Steve and Chanzie have taken First Place titles in several national swing competitions. In 2011 they won 1st place in the Lindy Hop divisions at the National Jitterbug Championships and US Open Swing Dance Championships. In 2012 they took 1st Place in the Lindy divisions at Camp Jitterbug and again at the US Open. In 2014 they regained their 1st place title at the National Jitterbug Championships and also took their LA Shag team to a 1st place victory in the team division.


You can find them teaching and performing all over the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia. They are committed to improving and pushing the limits of their own dancing as well as those who take their classes, while keeping their regional style of swing alive.

Bobby White & Kate Hedin (Washington D.C., USA)


Always striving to capture the classic spirit of the original jitterbugs with a modern voice, Bobby and Kate teach Balboa, Lindy Hop, Solo Jazz, and Collegiate Shag nationally and internationally.

Between them they have championship titles in almost every major Balboa and many major Lindy Hop competitions, including the American Classic Balboa Championships, the International Lindy Hop Championships, the Euro Balboa Cup, the American Lindy Hop Championships, and the Eastern Balboa Championships. Their judging is highly respected and sought-after for events such as the International Lindy Hop Championships and the European Swing Dance Championships.

Both Bobby and Kate are recognized for their engaging teaching —Kate instructs with a thorough, mechanics-based method, while Bobby prefers unique analogies and irk-irk noises. Along with more traditional classes based around moves, variations, and lead/follow technique, Bobby and Kate also enjoy teaching many “alternative education” classes on subjects like partnership, practicing, dancing personality, and developing a unique voice.

At events, Kate is renown for her DJ skills and competition judging, and Bobby is becoming famous for his entertaining talks. His blog, Swungover*, is well-loved in the swing community.

They currently throw each other around in Washington, DC and help run the local dance, The Jam Cellar.

David Frutos & Kim Clever (USA)


David and Kim met in a dark, smoky Swing dance class at a bar in 1994. By 1996 they were teaching Swing dance together at the world famous Brown Derby.  It was there that they first learned to teach a class that was both informative and entertaining. Over the years they have honed their skills as teachers in small and large class rooms around the world.


As competitors David and Kim have numerous titles together from The National Jitterbug , International Lindy hop, and US Open Championships,  just to name a few. They have also been inducted into the California Swing Dance hall of Fame, both individually and as a couple. David and Kim have been in much demand in Hollywood as Choreographers, consultants and performers. Their many credits include: David lynch's Mulholland Drive, Disney's Pearl harbor, Sony's 13th Floor, televisions Everybody Loves Raymond, Brian Setzers Jump Jive an' Wail music video, and the MTV awards.


Even with all these accomplishments, David and Kim's real passion is teaching and sharing their love of all things Swing. They are known for their humorous and comprehensive teaching style that draws inspiration from Southern California Swing history and has kept them in demand these many years. They look forward to seeing all of you on a dance floor soon! 

Johnny "Blue Jeans" (USA)


Johnny has been stirring up San Francisco for over 18 years with his unrelenting energetic performances. His dance career has taken him to amazing venues from NFL halftime shows for the San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders, performing for Cirque Du Soleil, Google & The Gap to performing at over two hundred corporate events which include Fortune 500 companies.


With almost twenty years of ballroom and swing dance training, he knows how to draw in and inspire an audience. Johnny shares his passion for swing by having taught at some of the nation’s largest swing dance events and all over the world.


Johnny is the founding member of The San Francisco Jitterbugs. His accomplishments include 1st Place in the 2009 National Jitterbug Championships Collegiate Shag Division, 1st Place in Balboa and Strictly Lindy at the Boogie by the Bay Championships and not to mention 1st Place titles in other swing competitions.


Johnny’s boundless energy and captivating dance style, which includes astounding stunts and aerials, has landed him in all types of media; magazine covers, feature film and television.


Matt Ritchey


Persuaded by his peers and family to take his first Lindy Hop lesson, Matt discovered a passionate love for swing dancing and the social atmosphere. Lindy Hop was the gateway to Matt Richey wanting to learn any dance style he could find and trained in ballet, jazz, modern and many other partner dances!


Matt is now a familiar face in the swing community, having traveled to hundreds of events and competing and placing nationally and internationally. He is known for fun loving energy, musicality, showmanship and performance. Striving to capture the image, character and spirit of vintage dance, he is now the highest ranked crossover dancer doing both Lindy Hop and West Coast swing.


As much as Matt loves swing dancing, he loves teaching and sharing his love for dance and music just as much! Currently residing in Nevada County, CA and teaches primarily in Nevada County and all around the Sacramento area. 


Natalia Eristavi


Natalia began swing dancing in late 2010 at Atomic Ballroom in Irvine California. Since then, she has become one of LA’s young and up and coming Lindy Hop and Balboa dancers. Drawing much of her inspiration from the original swing dancers from Southern California, she always seeks to maintain a level of attention to detail that is both authentic and creative.


Her philosophies on dance stem from a desire for solid technique underneath a playful and musical approach to social dancing. Natalia spent three years teaching regularly at various venues in Southern California after which she moved to Europe in 2014 and began teaching internationally. She has taught at workshops and events in Norway, Germany, U.K., Alaska, Spain, Amsterdam, Budapest and many more.


Natalia has competed and placed in numerous competitions around the world. Some of her more notable placements are: 1st place Jack and Jill at Lindy on the Rocks in Denver Colorado in 2014, 1st place in a Strictly contest at Smokey Feet in Amsterdam in 2015, 1st place in a Strictly and Jack and Jill contest at the London Swing Festival in 2015, 1st place in the Jack and Jill contest at the same festival and 1st place Advanced Jack and Jill at ILHC, 2015.


Natalia loves to choreograph and perform but she is at the height of her self-expression when out on the dance floor dancing with many different partners. There is something magical about creating an improvised dialogue of creativity with another person and she can’t get enough of it!


Jennifer Runyan


Jennifer started dancing Lindy Hop in 2014 and hasn’t stopped dancing since. Mixing her love of swing music, her passion for partner dancing, and her natural athleticism, Jennifer brings a fresh dynamism and joy to the floor every time she dances.  


She has won first place titles at the National Jitterbug Championships, the Northwest Lindy Hop Championships, the Arizona State Lindy Hop Championships, the California Swing Dance Championships, and the Rocky Mountain Balboa Blowout, and has placed or made finals in numerous other competitions as well.  


Jennifer continually focuses on the technical aspects of partner connection, movement, and musicality, but always strives to maintain the simple, but powerful joy, inherent in being a “Jitterbug.”  Jennifer is a member of the current reigning national team champions, The Midtown Stompers, and in her non-dance time, can be found at the gym, fighting crime, or playing with her dog Sherlock.

Gary Sharpe

Gary started swing dancing in 2002 at a small bar in Davis, California. He was tall, lanky, very awkward, and not the least bit talented or trained.  For at least the first year, he could only dance a few songs in a row before getting dizzy and nauseous enough that he would have to sit down for several minutes to recover. 


He loved everything about the dance though, and spent countless hours watching videos, practicing, taking lessons, and travelling to weekend events around the country. 


Fifteen years later he still loves to take lessons, to train, to teach, and share everything about the dance with anyone who will listen. He looks forward to dancing and being active in this community for the rest of his life.


Tina Eriksen


Tina has lit up the Sacramento swing dance scene for over 18 years.  She founded the Sactown Swings dance venue in 1997 with her partner which continues to operate to this day.  As a dance teacher and performer, and choreographer she has shared her passion for dancing with many.


Tina has studied ballroom dancing, jazz, and tap, and has performed for many companies, charities, and peers.  Her energy, enthusiasm, and sparkle draw in audiences.  Also, she has a passion for vintage fashion, hair and makeup. 


Some of her accomplishments have been performing for the SF 49ers and Oakland Raiders, Sacramento Kings, Governor of California, Google, Lucas Films, Macy’s, The Gap, Cirque Du Soliel, and Good Day Sacramento. 


Johnny Ochoa


Johnny Ochoa has been instructing at the Ballroom of Sacramento since 2000. He has been swing dancing since 1997 and teaching since 1999. He teaches Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa and Collegiate Shag. His students remark to us how much fun he is in class and how much they enjoy his teaching and attitude towards swing dancing. 


He is also a member of The San Francisco Jitterbugs, a professional dance troupe that performs all over the country to standing ovations.


All of this has helped make his Tuesay night swing dance (Sactown Swings) a huge success, and the longest running swing night in Nothern California.


Pat Chan 


In 2005, Pat caught the swing dance bug and began his quest to learn Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa, and Collegiate Shag. He continues to share the joy of dance by teaching and his students say he's helpful, friendly, and always having fun. He's been a member of the San Francisco Jitterbugs since 2012. They've competed at Camp Hollywood/National Jitterbug Championships and performed for Google, Lucas Films, and Cirque Du Soliel, to name a few. He's a fixture in the Sacramento swing scene. You'll find him at many venues teaching or dancing.





Brooke Coe


Brooke Coe is the Volunteer Coordinator at the Sacramento Zoo, where she manages daily on-site volunteers as well as event volunteers and corporate groups.


She brings her experience to the Capital City Swing Jam, where she will assign, coordinate, and manage all volunteer needs during the event. She has been a part of the Sactown Swings family for 8 years, and she enjoys teaching Tuesday night dance lessons with Johnny O!




Robert McKenney


Rob first hopped the Sacramento Lindy scene in 1998 while pursuing his dreams of world domination through questionable internet finance schemes. After taking second place in a local dance contest, he decided dancing might really be a thing, but promptly retired from competition to protect his amateur status. Recognizing he had better odds of being a successful swing dancer than owning 3% of the world, he decided to become one of the “dancey people” and thoroughly succumbed to the seedy underworld of the swing-addicted dance junkie, tripping 5 or 6 nights a week, living for his next fix, and traveling hours to the back alleys of San Francisco to get the “good stuff”.


In 2000, through a series of ambiguous “accidents” and Y2K computer failures, he took over teaching Lindy at what is now Northern California’s longest running, continuous Swing night; and he’s been (mostly) doing it ever since. He first taught internationally when the Navy sent him to Kuwait to teach swing dancing to sailors in a desert (there might have been other reasons, but it sounds more surreal that way). Most recently, he has been seen making questionable attempts to merge Argentine Tango with his Lindy to create his own version of... a dance to be named later (“Swango” was taken and the market testing results for “Tangy” were... unfortunate).




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