West Coast Swing


We are happy to announce the addition of West Coast Swing to the 2018 Swing California and the California Swing Dance Championships!! We will have a separate ballroom for the West Coast Swing room with amazing DJ's, Classes, Jack & Jill's and Invitationals.

Jack & Jills and Invitationals

In accordance with WSDC Rules, Swing California will NOT be eligible to award WSDC points in the year 2018, but will be applying for membership to award points for 2019. In place of points this year, we will be awarding these beautiful trophies and WCS dance event passes.

This year we will be offering the following Jack & Jill Divisions:

Novice Jack & Jill (Has less than 16 Novice Level WSDC Points)

Intermediate Jack & Jill (Has less than 30 Intermediate Level WSDC Points)

Advanced Jack & Jill (Has less than 45 Advance Level WSDC Points)

All Star/Champion Jack & Jill 

We will have a cap of 60 Leads & 60 Follows for each division the first year, so register ASAP!!



(Includes all evening dances, WCS classes on Saturday & one Jack & Jill entry fee)

If you would like to attend the Lindy Hop, Balboa and

Collegiate Shag classes on Saturday & Sunday, you must purchase the

"All Weekend Pass" instead, which is currently selling for $169. (Includes WCS)



Mark Slater

Head Judge

Tom Paderna

Masters of Ceremonies

Kim Sifter

Head DJ

Raymond Byun


Kelly Lynn Ford

Nick Jay

John Koster

Sharole Lash Negrete

Debbie Carpenter

Michelle Crozier

Cindy Meyer

Floor Coordinator

Lindsey Casillas

Swing California is a gender neutral event. All competitors may select the role to dance in which they feel most comfortable. In accordance with WSDC rules, competitors may only enter a single leveled J&J division that they are qualified for regardless of role.

(for example, a person may not enter as an intermediate follow and an advanced lead during the same event)

All Star & Champion West Coast Swing Dancers receive a free WCS pass. If you would like to take the Lindy Hop, Collegiate Shag & Balboa Workshops, the price is $50.

More Information to come!!

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